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Carol's Online Art Gallery.


I remember my first drawing at around the age of five, and how I tried without success to copy my big sister's drawings. Her people had legs and arms that were not stuck to the head like mine. My sister's drawings actually had a body in the middle. One day after trying for a very long time over and over, I finally the connection and put in a body. I was thrilled and that was the beginning of my journey to learn to draw and paint.  I dabbled into painting with oils at first around the age nineteen and the age of twenty I discovered acrylics. By the time I was an adult and had then started my own family and there didn't seem to be enough time for myself, therefore I left painting for many years, and as many people, I was not inclined to believe I was good enough to pursue any type of career in art.  Many years later, I went out and bought a paint set and some canvases, my kids were grown and I painted from some photos I had taken during a time of traveling around the country with my Husband. Boy was I amazed that even though time had passed, I still could paint and even better, I entered them into an art showing in Jupiter, FL and sold five out of seven entries. I felt as though I had practiced in my dreams all those years. Is that possible?  I think probably when we reach into our selves for instruction and there is none on the outside, something happens we can't always explain, and that's OK.  Inspiration is internal anyway.


At any rate,  I am now a Grandmother and allowing myself the time and space to share the gift of art, whether it be paintings, or any other form of media. I don't push for things to be something they are not, but rather I am allowing myself to be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. 


I have been told by many people who have seen some of my work that there is a spiritual quality that is felt or seen.  I really like to know that. I am pleased to know there are those who pick up on the fact that since I am a self taught artist, I rely on inner motivation, guidance and inspiration to do whatever the painting directs me to do. Actually I feel there is a message in all art that speaks to the heart. That is how I approach every project, from the heart, and feel that my work is freeing or inspiring in some fashion.

I have heard other artists say things like - their work directs them to go this way or that way, whether it is a sculpture or painting or any kind of art. I completely agree with that sentiment because it is exactly what I have experienced when it comes to adding or subtracting something from each piece. 


My  background consisted of thirteen years in Real Estate Sales, I am a Spiritual Counselor, Beginning in 1999, I had a practice as a Hypnotherapist, retired 2012.  I have studied Ancient Scripture, Spirituality & Inter-Faith Ministry. 

  • If you would like a portrait or painting done from a favorite photo, submit an image via email to for review. Carol or someone will let you know if it is a good candidate for reproduction as a painting.  My work consist of tapping into the spirit of the person, animal or landscape to get the feeling or story it tells. 

  • Prices are also based on the photo's detail or lack of detail / focus with possible additional costs depending on your specifications.

  • Unframed; 

  • 8.5"X 11" for example could be from $200.00 to $500.00.

  • Prices based on

  • You would like a sketched image on paper, or you may want your image painted in oils or acrylic, gallery canvas, regular stretched canvas, canvas board, etc. 

     Thank you

     Carol Sue Rios

Carol Sue Rios

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